Proven Strategies For Ranking Videos #1 in Google (free training)

Hey there,

I’m extremely excited to be sending you this
email today.

See, over the last few weeks or so I’ve been
getting several requests about what else is needed

besides organic search and social signals to rank
videos on the 1st page of Google.

…and with good reason. Video is HOT right
now and shows no sign of slowing down.

More people are consuming and preferring
video content over any other kind of content
then ever before.

That means there’s a TON of traffic, sales
and leads just waiting to be claimed.

So, what I decided to do was track down one
of the best guys I know who’s an expert at
ranking videos.

But not only ranking videos, getting those
videos to convert into traffic, sales and leads.

And you won’t believe what he did for our crew.

I was able to convince him to put together a
100% FREE video series on the 4-steps to ranking
videos on the first page of Google.

Yup, all 100% for FREE 🙂

Talk about awesome, right?

Video 1 is ready for you and it covers some
really juicy stuff.

=> See video 1 for free here

In video #1, you’re gonna learn:

– The 5 biggest mistakes most marketers make
and how to avoid them

– The quickest way to get to $1,000 in the
next 30 days with video

– The 6 different types of keywords to target
with video that convert extremely high and
rank SUPER fast

– Where to find hot products to promote that
will pay you big

– and much much more..

=> See video 1 for free here

You’re gonna be blown away by this series
and we’re just getting started 🙂



P.S. Make sure you head over and watch video 1
now because what we have in store in video 2
is gonna blow you away even more.

If you’ve ever struggled to make a high-converting
video, you won’t want to miss video 2.