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Hello, Musab.

John Reel here, and it’s because I’m not an Internet marketer that this is going to be a very important product and launch for you.

I’m an industry leading software inventor who has created dozens of major and entirely new technologies for the Internet – years before anyone else thought of them.

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After two years of researching your pain points full-time, I took on the hardest problem affecting all of you in the industry. GoTryTHIS was my first release. It won the Internet marketing product of the year award and changed Internet marketing forever.

John Reese, Frank Kern, Mr. X., and many other top marketers promoted. That was nine years ago and many of our original clients are still active clients today. That’s an unheard of stick-rate.

We’ve been working on the next generation ever since, spending years inventing new technologies to make extremely hard things frictionless and easy. It’s a million dollar marketing platform that will soon be the industry standard, used by every type of marketer, everywhere.

Our new expert coaching program starts after the launch. It features many marketing trainers who have been using every version of our software for the last nine years.

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Now called, it is a link tracking and conversion increasing platform, which will save most marketers hours of work every week, and enables much more creative and value-driven marketing. Following the strategies we teach all clients, many will use it to quickly double their revenue and continually improve forever. Promote, and you will be running your business on until you retire, just like our current clients.

It’s the only way to:

– Create high-converting keyword (“pretty links”) on your web site, with the powerful features and tracking that you previously only got using a secondary domain on a hosted service. You no longer have to sacrifice control, and SEO and branding benefits, to get powerful features like injecting retargeting cookies, split-testing, scarcity links, or advanced variable manipulation.

– Manage and track keyword links on all your websites side-by-side. You will always use the best converting links everywhere, without switching dashboards.

– Get all the other types of marketing links you need in one place: Keyword links on unhosted domains, short links, short links branded to your short domains, domain redirects, and QR codes – Tracked together, live, and with the same capabilities. This opens up many new marketing techniques.

– Point a domain to a service for keyword links, take it back later, and put a website on it, without losing a single click. Plus many other safety measures.

Regular prices range from $25/month to $197/month with a year term discount. Commissions range from 35% to 50% as you add more active clients. Maintain over 25 paying clients, get a lifetime free account. Add it to your training to be a cross-promoted expert, featured and interviewed for our clients.

All revenues from the launch go back into the product, hiring to make it better and even easier, faster, with a huge vision to come. Promoting is as good for you as using it in your own marketing.

Sign up as an affiliate to start, and get trained, pre-launch.


John Reel

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