How to Buy Wireless Routers

Wireless networking is the new “in” thing. It may not seem that significant to most of us, but in order to operate a wireless network

in your home, you will require the presence of a wireless router. It will help you do more than just share the internet like helping

you to pool network resources and multimedia content. Below, we have given you some of the things that you should consider when

deciding on what wireless router to buy for yourself.


What does a router do? A router helps to direct network traffic in simple terms. It breaks down this traffic into smaller pieces of

data that is called packets. When you setup a wireless router at home, the traffic will be directed between your internet connection

and the network you are hosting in your house. A router will allow other wireless devices as well as wired devices to connect to that

same internet connection that then communicate with other devices in your location too.


When you are considering what router to buy, you should stop and consider what type of user you are. If you are planning on just using

the internet for simple surfing and Facebook-ing, then it would be a great idea to buy a single-band router (we’re assuming that you

know what a single band router is, if not click here to find out more). Obviously, a simple user will require something totally different than a person who

will use the internet to play video games.


The speed of the router also matters. The speed that is offered by a router has nothing to do with the speed of your internet

connection. Many people make the mistake of believing this; just know that this is not the case. This totally and primarily depends on

your router. The speed of your router will be seen on the box of a router. The standard router, in this day, offers something like

450mbps or 900mbps.


The latest security that is offered in routers is WPA2. When you are buying a router, ensure that the router you are going to buy

offers you this level of security.