How Does a Bread Machine Works?

Bread is a staple and read ymade food for many people in the world.It is made in different shapes and flavors with different ingredients. These ingredients assist in filing nutritional gaps in the diet and ensuring that you are full and satisfied. There was need to produce this energy giving food in large quantity, leading to invention of bread making machine.The earliest bread making machine was invented by Sarah Stearns, in 1903.

The world’s first automatic bread-making machine, known as `Raku Raku Pan Da’ in Japan, was produced in 1987 by The Funai Electric company .Bread making then spread and resulted to different kinds of other special loaves.

Process involved in making bread

  • The bread making process generally involves five stages: mixing, kneading, rising, knocking then finally baking.
  • Mixing: Mix the ingredient flour, sugar, yeast, salt, fat, and water together to come up with dough.
  • Kneading: Try to beat the dough you have will moving it around while stretching it to rise and get a decent shape.
  • Rising: Warm your dough and leave it for about an hour for the air to get in and mix with the yeast to plump up
  • Knocking and proving : Repeat the second process as to make the dough bigger
  • Baking: You then place the dough in a tin inside your oven and bake

How machine works

With coming of modern bread machine, mass of sliced loaves have been produced and work has been made easier. The bread machine has different parts that help in its work, examples are: Baking tin cover which is integrated into folding lid, air vent which helps air into the dough to arise it. Power supply made of lead, removable baking tin which helps in baking a single loaf at a time, LCD display, wipe-clean touch-control panel, exhaust port allows steam from the machine to flow out and kneading paddle among others.

Thanks to bread machine mom these machines has an axle to connect it to an electric motor underneath. A small metal paddle clicks onto the axle inside the tin and holds it to a seal to prevent bread mixture from escaping. Put the paddle in tin (out of oven), and measure your ingredients correctly and load them up.

You then select the programme you want to use via electronic control panel. Close the lid and wait as you hear the machine motor whirring as paddle moves around, kneading the dough .In case the bread machine is transparent, you will observe the process .During the rising phase, everything will be silent ,hear more kneading during the proving stage .The oven will switch on and steam will come through exhaust vents. Few minutes later, a nice aroma will meet your nose.

Choices you have while using automatic bread machine

Working of the machine is programmed, it involves; selecting type of bread to bake like pizza, French, whole-wheat, you then select the mode of baking like sandwiching, rapid baking or just making dough. This enables the machine to stop without cooking the dough and convert it to another form like pizza.

You then select the size of the loaf you want to make, the type of the crust then press the timer button to be familiar with the total time it will take the machine .Finally you press the start button to start the work. When the loaf is ready, carefully open the lid and allow it to cool.

Bread machine has simplified work and created jobs among people, raising their living standards hence should be encouraged worldwide.